Did you catch Arizona's 15 seconds of fame at the Oscars?

Well, the award show's host, comedian Jimmy Kimmel, enticed this year's Oscar winners to keep their speeches short with a trip to... Lake Havasu!

At the top of the show, Kimmel mentioned the winner with shortest acceptance speech gets to take home a jet ski. Then, shortly before Allison Janney won the Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in "I, Tonya," Kimmel sweetened the deal.

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Kimmel announced the prize with a little less than enthusiastic pitch.

But hey! An all-expenses-paid trip to Lake Havasu and a stay at the Days Inn doesn't sound half bad.

In fact, apparently a lot of Oscars viewers thought so.

"Our travel counselor has received a huge spike in phone calls this morning," said Terence Concannon, president and CEO of Lake Havasu City Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Lake Havasu Mayor Mark Nexsen said he invites all the Oscars winners and losers to visit as well.

"I'll even make time in my schedule to take a picture with them," Nexsen said. How nice of him!

As of Days Inn, the hotel owner said they couldn't be more excited about the shoutout.

"We’re so happy Jimmy Kimmel knows what we’ve always known that Days Inn makes for a memorable spot to get away from it all," owner of the Days Inn Lake Havasu Tony Patel said.

But after it seemed like Kimmel was poking fun at the small Arizona town, some Twitter users were quick to defend the common spring break destination.

And while some enjoyed the shoutout, others were not very pleased with the joke.

Nexsen said the town didn't think of the bit as disrespectful.

"We take it just the opposite, it's free publicity and we look forward to the rush of tourists that visit our town," Nexsen said.

But whether the joke was all in good fun or not, one Twitter user pointed out a serious missed opportunity!

Sunset hard to find among the storm clouds... but I managed. Taken in Lake Havasu City on Jan. 4, 2016.