Stevie Welte, 5, recently won the No. 1 state plate for her age group at the Arizona State BMX Championships in Phoenix and she's not planning on quitting anytime soon.

“We knew going into it she had a good chance of winning the state plate, the No. 1 plate. We didn’t tell her -- we didn’t want her thinking anything of it and Stevie was a little shocked at first,” said Scott Welte, Stevie’s dad and coach.

“I was like excited so much I got jumping around,” said Stevie.

Stevie was just 2 years old when she got on her first bike and her dad says she’s come a long way in just a few months.

“It all happened by accident. We noticed the property and we saw this and she just took to it,” he said.

Now three years later she can’t get enough.

“She loves it if she could ride her bike 24/7 she would,” Scott said.

And as for being a girl in a sport dominated by boys…

“It shows her she can do what the boys are doing and I think that’s important too,” said Scott. “I don’t think she should be held back by anything.”