Snakes are pretty common out in the desert, not so much in cars.

That's probably while a woman's video showing a snake slithering from a car in a Buckeye parking lot is trending Tuesday morning.

Or maybe it's just the simple fact that there was a SNAKE in a CAR!

One commenter on Facebook said "I would have to sell that car."

The video from Valley resident Shaina Brockway was captured at her work. Brockway appears to be inside as she watches in, what can only be assumed is horror, as the creature emerged from her vehicle.

She told 12 News the fire department came out when the snake was in her co-worker's car, but they weren't able to reach it.

"They left and then it moved to my car," Brockway said in a Facebook message.

Someone behind the camera can be heard reacting has the snake emerged from the car. Brockway said the snake was inside her car for about 15 minutes.

"It keeps going," they say in the video.

One Facebook commenter pointed out that she loved the fact that everyone was whispering so the snake "does NOT know they are watching it."

Brockway said the snake eventually slithered away into the desert behind her office.