PRESCOTT VALLEY, Ariz. - A hyperactive squirrel is to blame for a big electrical outage Wednesday in Prescott Valley.

APS spokesperson Anna Stewart says about 4,600 customers were without power for a few hours all because a squirrel ate through the lines.

The squirrel somehow managed to claw its way into the Prescott Valley APS substation. After some time of enjoying "electrical line flambé," it met an untimely death.

And even though the furry rodent exploded in flames, thousands of homes remained without power for hours.Officials had a mess to clean up and electrical lines to replace and repair. Stewart says luckily, squirrels rarely destroy electrical lines, but it happens a few times every year.

In case you're wondering, squirrels will chew on practically anything, but they adore chewing up wood and electrical lines. Why? Imagine if your teeth never stopped growing, you'd want to chew something, too. That's what squirrels do: They naw on things to keep their teeth from getting too long.

So, never underestimate the raw power of a squirrel -- especially in a power substation. APS doesn't.