You can now get your driver’s license updated to a voluntary travel ID (a.k.a. Real ID), which you will need by October 1, 2020 to board a plane without a passport.

Prep work:

- Go to
- Click on “Schedule Voluntary Travel ID Appointments”
- Enter in your information and click “Continue”
- Click on “Make an Appointment” and choose office location, date and time. Make sure to scroll to the bottom to enter your email and phone number before clicking “Schedule This Appointment”
- Print the confirmation page
- On the confirmation page is a link to complete the “Online Driver License/ID Card Application,” click on it
- Check the box off “Travel Driver License” to make your driver’s license and your Travel ID one and the same. This is recommended. But if you’d like your voluntary travel ID separate from your driver’s license you can check off “Travel Identification Card.” Once you’ve made your selection, click “Continue”
- Fill out this page with your information (address, height, eye color, the kind of stuff that’ll go on your ID)
- Decide which of the documents listed you want to bring in for each category. Married women please note: if you bring in a birth certificate or another document with your maiden name on it, make sure you also take your marriage certificate with you to show your name change
- Click “Application Package” to get a special barcode that you’ll also need to take with you. Print

Appointment day:

- Skip the line at the DMV and go straight to the kiosk to scan your barcode from the page you printed or from your smartphone. Grab the ticket that pops out
- Go straight to the camera station to take your photo. Smile!
- Take a seat and wait for your number to be called
- Give the customer service representative your application and documents and sign a couple things
- Pay up. It’s $25 now and every eight years when you have to get it updated. If you’re 65 years and older, it’s every five years
- Check over your temporary ID to make sure all of the info is correct

Arrival day:

- Check your mailbox, your permanent ID will arrive within two weeks.

Congratulations you now have a federally approved driver’s license!