Here in the desert, the wet winter means more grass and brush is drying out and is available to burn. 

Dolores Garcia from the Bureau of Land Management tells 12 News the conditions are ripe for some big fires this summer! That means you need to get ready to help keep those fires from starting or spreading. 

"We find common sense isn’t all that common," said Garcia.

It’s Dolores Garcia’s job to inform the public on fire dangers every year. She says you need to take a common sense approach when it comes to fire safety.

"If you have unkept brush grass in and around your home, it has potential to burn," said Garcia.

That means you should keep a clear path around your home and any other structures on your property. Our extremely wet winter and snow in the high country created some unintended consequences: lots of high brush that can turn into infernos extremely fast, especially in the Valley. 

"As we get those hotter dryer days—those 90 degrees that are consistent— not only will we see the number of starts increases, we will see an increase in the size of our fires," said Garcia. 

Garcia says most wildfires are started by humans. Some simple things to make sure of: Never throw a lit cigarette out your window, make sure your boat or trailer is hooked up correctly so it’s not creating sparks, and never park your car on top of dry grass.

"You don’t have to live in the high mountain or forest country to experience wildfire," said Garcia. 

For fires restriction information go to the Arizona BLM site.