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Hobbs rejects bill allowing concealed weapons on college campuses

House Bill 2667 would have prevented Arizona's universities or community colleges from barring those with a concealed weapon permit from bringing guns on campus.

PHOENIX — Gov. Katie Hobbs has vetoed legislation that would have allowed those with a concealed weapons permit to bring their firearm on a college campus.

House Bill 2667 would have stopped Arizona's community colleges and universities from being able to prohibit permit-holders from possessing, storing, or transporting their concealed weapon on campus.

Current law states that any weapon found to violate a college's public safety regulations is subject to forfeiture. 

Proponents of revising Arizona's gun laws have argued that college students should be allowed to defend themselves during a dangerous crisis.

The University of Arizona was the site of a deadly shooting last October that resulted in the murder of a professor. Records show the alleged shooter was a former student and had previously been expelled from the Tucson campus.

To qualify for a concealed weapon permit, an Arizona resident must pass a background check and meet certain requirements. 

HB 2667 passed through the Arizona Legislature with little support from Democrats, making it less likely to be signed by the governor. 

In her veto letter, Hobbs said the presence of concealed guns on college campuses could lead to "greater anxiety" among students and staff. 

"It may also lead to increased risk on campus and other unintended consequences," Hobbs wrote. "We cannot set a precedent that allows guns on campus."

The governor vetoed a similar piece of legislation earlier this year that would have allowed parents with a concealed weapon permit to bring their gun onto a school campus.

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