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Here are the zip codes with higher unemployment rates in Arizona

The highest concentrations of individuals filing for unemployment benefits are in the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas, as well as Flagstaff and Yuma among others.

ARIZONA, USA — Nearly 39 million people have filed for unemployment in the U.S. since the COVID-19 pandemic broke.

Arizona has over half a million claims, according to DES.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many individuals in so many different ways, one is employment. Many people lost their jobs and had to apply for unemployment benefits. 

The Department of Economic Security and the Maricopa Association of Governments joined forces to provide unemployment claims by zip code in Arizona from a two-month period - March 14 to May 14. 

“We went from record low unemployment levels to record increases in weekly unemployment claims,” said Queen Creek Mayor Gail Barney, chair of MAG’s Economic Development Committee (EDC). “The impact of the pandemic on our workforce is staggering.”

Credit: Maricopa Association of Governments

The zip codes with the biggest populations, such as Phoenix and Tucson, are high in the list.

Other cities such as Flagstaff and Yuma also have a high rate of individuals who have filed for unemployment benefits. 

The zip code with the highest claims during the two-month window is 85364 in Yuma with more than 6,700 claims. 

In the Phoenix metro area, ZIP codes with the highest numbers of unemployment claims are:

  • Tempe north of Baseline Road. The north Tempe ZIP code 85281 saw more than 6,600 unemployment claims, the most of any ZIP code in the region. The ZIP code just to the south, 85282, saw just over 5,200 claims.
  • East Phoenix around the Phoenix Mountains and Paradise Valley Mall. The zip codes 85022 with 4,752 and 85032 with 6,497 claims. 
  • South Scottsdale. There are several zip codes, 
    • 85251 with 4,600 claims 
    • 85281 with 6,697 claims
    • 85282 with 5,279 claims
    • 85008 with 5,590 claims among others 
  • The area surrounding Arrowhead Towne Center mall.
    • 85345 with 4,807
    • 85301 with 4,512
  • South Chandler along Arizona Avenue.

“We can use that knowledge to target resources to the local economies that need help the most,” said Mesa Councilmember David Luna and Vice-Chair of the EDC.


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