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'They killed our community': Family speaks out after 9 members massacred in Mexico

Emily Langford's sister in law, nephew and more were gunned down in an alleged cartel attack.

PHOENIX — An attack in Mexico left nine women and children with dual American-Mexican citizenship dead. Bullet holes littered the window of a now burnt-out SUV. 

Over the last week, the family has held funerals for those lost. For Emily Langford the attack literally hit home. 

Dawna Langford was her sister-in-law. Trevor and Rogan Langford were her nephews. Christina Johnson was her cousin and friend. Rhonita or "Nita" was her niece in law, and her children were her great-nieces and nephews. 

 “You have to go through your day you have to stop crying and focus on the people still alive.. and get them what you need.. and when you start thinking about it..” Langford said. 

Since the attack, the family has been forced to bury their loved ones, while watching their home become unrecognizable. 

"There are no words," Langford said. "To me, it’s like an irremovable stain and I don’t think it can ever be fixed."

Langford grew up with her family in the small little community in Mexico. She said it was peaceful. After the ambush, her home has been taken over with humvees and machine guns patrolling the streets. 

"It didn't feel right," Langford said. 

Over the past weekend, 18 vehicles and more than 100 family members left their homes behind. Throwing whatever they could bring into pick-up trucks. The family fled to the U.S. 

When the family finally crossed over the border into Arizona, she said the family felt relief.

"It was like 'OK.. whew' a heavy burden has been lifted," Langford said. 

However, the issues are not over for the family. Many left behind homes their family has had for decades. 

Langford says many members are still looking for homes. They would like to know if there are any spots where someone in the Valley could give a family some time to get back on their feet. 

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They also say they could always use food or supplies which may have been left behind. 

If you would like to help, the family will soon set up a link. Or you can contact them through their GoFundMe.


After the attack, Emily and other Langford's said they have faced misinformation. The video is her full, response clearing the record on where she said reports may have gone wrong. 

A couple of highlights 

First, a lot of attention has been paid to the LaBaron side of the family, which has a past some describe as an extreme offshoot of the Mormon religion. However, Emily Langford said the LaBaron's are one part of the family and community. The community includes members of many faiths and backgrounds, to include Mormons, Baptists, Agnostics, Catholics and others. 

Second, of those who were killed in the massacre, they are from different parts of the family. The names of those who lost their lives are: Dawna Langford, Trevor and Rogan Langford. Christina Langford Johnson, Rhonita Miller, Krystal Miller, Titus Miller, Tiana Miller, Howard Miller Jr.

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