Two families and Phoenix Police, are asking the public's help to find a man who allegedly murdered two friends.

Just 4 months ago, a gunman took the life of 28-year-old Ja’Cory Ranger and 35-year-old Ricky Elam Junior. The friends had 12 children between them.

"On the day of this incident, he checked on his sons. He said ‘Mama, I’ll be home in a minute.’ Cory never came home’ said Ja'Cory's mother Thelma Ranger.

“His daughter went and had her birthday at his grave site, because he’s never missed her birthday. And this was the first year she didn’t have her daddy at her birthday,” said Ricky’s sister Zaqueena Coleman.

The murders happened back in June near 16th Street and Southern Avenue.

Phoenix Police say the suspect is 38-year-old Terrance Lamb, who allegedly shot both victims then fled in a 1997 Chevy van.

On Saturday, the families of the victims pleaded for help finding him. They offered up their own money to raise the Silent Witness reward to $5,000.

“What I need is for everyone to take a look at that poster, because this man has managed to destroy the lives of two different families,” said Ja'Cory's brother Daniel Ranger.

The family says neither of the victims knew the suspect and weren’t involved with the wrong people.

They say the pair worked in construction and closely cared for their young children.

Ricky had nine kids, ranging in age from 1 to 17.

“We’re here, because this doesn’t go with the lifestyle, I’ve watched Ricky do the best he can to try to make the best life for himself. And just when his life started to get better and good, his life was taken,” said Ricky's Uncle Ezell Cheatham.

But now the men’s children wear their father’s images on their t-shirts and necklaces.

Ricky’s infant daughter was born just weeks after he took his final breath.

“It’s just important for us to get closure,” said Daniel.

“We just want to make sure that justice is going to be served,” added Cheatham.

“The one thing I’ll definitely miss is my brother’s smile, because I’ll never see it again," said Coleman.