PHOENIX — Child drownings are a seemingly common occurrence in the Valley, and it is an issue that is highlighted on our air time and time again. 

But the number of child drownings appear to be improving, according to the latest statistics provided by Tracie Tenkley, who is a board member on Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona.

Four children under the age of 5 have drowned this year. Seventeen drowned in that same age group in 2018.

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No children between the ages of 6 and 12 have drowned this year. There was one last year. 

However, there has been an increase in adult drownings, according to Tenkley. 

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There were 33 adult drownings last year. We are up to 20 this year, according to Tenkley.

As it relates to adult drowning deaths, Tenkley said, “Often times those events could be a medical emergency that happens or occurs in the water…drug, alcohol, many different factors that are…related to that increase in adult drowning.”

Maybe somewhat surprisingly, the ABCs for water safety are the same for both kids and adults. 

“’A’ is for adult, adult supervision at all times. Whether it is swim time or not swim time. ‘B’ is for barriers. Barriers in place, which is your latched and locked pool fence. And ‘C’ is for classes and coast guard approved floatation devices,” Tenkley said. 

She also says knowing CPR is a must and recommends being open to the idea of wearing a life jacket.

“Life jackets aren’t just for boating. They’re not allergic to chlorine. You can wear a life jacket in the pool as that extra layer of protection,” she said.