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Do you need to update your Arizona driver's license?

Even if you got an email from Arizona Department of Transportation about needing to update your license, that may not apply to you.
The newest version of the Arizona driver's license, which was issued on June 16, 2014, isn't even up to code with Real ID standards.

PHOENIX — Did you get an email from the Arizona Department of Transportation about needing to pay to update your license?

The email, with a subject line "MVD Notification," aimed to notify drivers that they would need to update the photo on their driver's license. 

It started off with a paragraph saying that Arizona law requires drivers to update their photograph every 12 years, "regardless of the expiration date of your driver license."

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But not everyone who received the email needed to take action: Arizona Department of Transportation spokesperson Douglas Nick said in an email that the message was a "mass email (sent) to a number of customers." 

For those who need to update their driver's license photo, the department said to look at the date that your license was issued. If it was issued before 2007, your photograph is due for an update. 

Drivers who need to update their photo can bring their current license to any MVD office or select third-party office to do so. A $12 fee will be charged.

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