PHOENIX - Teenagers get a bad wrap for it, but according to studies, adults are far worse at using their phones on the road.

Wednesday, lawmakers and advocates sounded the alarm on the dangers of distracted driving. Whether it's food, makeup or the phone, put it away. That's one of the many messages being pushed at the distracted driving summit at the Arizona State Capitol.

Multiple agencies are getting together to emphasize distracted driving dangers as deaths on the roads because of it are on the rise.

More than 3,000 lives are taken every year because drivers are not paying attention and there are more than 400,000 injuries across the country each year, too, according to summit organizers.

Victims who have survived distracted driving crashes will attend the summit to share their experiences in an effort to stop the epidemic. Policy and enforcement efforts will be examined too.

Summit organizers say Arizona is one of the last states in the nation holding out against adopting an enforceable law for all drivers to stop distracted driving behavior.