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Diners and democracy: What Arizonans say are the biggest issues ahead of election

Politicians tell us what they believe Arizonans want, but 12 News went to local diners and bars to ask folks what they think are the most critical issues.

PHOENIX — Ballots are being mailed all across the state as voters are set to decide who they want to make it to November's general election.

Already candidates have argued over what Arizonans want, but we decided to go to diners and restaurants to talk with locals about what is most important to them.

We stopped by three locations: Moon Valley Cafe, Joe's Diner, and Jonny's Local Tavern & Cafe.

The issues brought up were diverse and varied.

Different customers brought up voting, water issues, education, the economy, the border, safety, and security.

However, there were two issues brought up more than any other.

First was inflation.

“The biggest thing I'm concerned with is inflation.”

“Economic stability.”

“Breakfast that used to be 4 to 5 dollars is 9 to 10 dollars."

Inflation has skyrocketed in recent months. Every run to the grocery store costs more than it did a year ago. The bottom line, many folks in Arizona want relief from the pain they feel whenever they go to the store or fill up their gas tank.

The second most common issue was education.

“Arizona is one of the worst states for education.”

"It’s hard to focus on that when she doesn’t have a teacher for Spanish class next year."

“They say you can’t fix education by throwing money at it, but at least you can be competitive.”

Arizona is investing more money in education this year. However, most studies find our per-pupil spending is still behind most other states.

But no matter the issue, almost everyone lacked faith that local leaders on either side would get anything done.

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