GRAY MOUNTAIN, Ariz. — The sheriff's office released the name of a man who died after he jumped on a couple's car and tried to stab them through the sunroof.

The incident started on Highway 89N near Gray Mountain, Monday. Investigators with the Coconino County Sheriff'sOffice say 35-year-old Richard Osburn was driving southbound in the northbound lanes near Sinagua Trading Post. His wife was a passenger. 

Osburn, who is from Oklahoma, eventually tried to go the right way and crossed the median, in the process damaging his car. He ended up stopping and getting out. 

Deputies say when passersby tried to help, he started acting aggressively toward them. At this time, a couple from Conway, Arkansas, seeing the stranded driver, pulled over to help as well. 12 News' sister station THV11 talked to the couple, Lauren Harrison, 24, and Adolfo Iglesias, 23.

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Osburn reportedly became aggressive with the couple and they got back in their car and started to drive off. 

According to investigators, while they were pulling back onto the highway they noticed Osburn running after the car. He jumped onto the roof of the car. Harrison, who was driving, accelerated, but by that time Osburn had brandished a fixed blade knife and smashed in the car's sunroof. 

Arkansas couple attacked
Coconino County Sheriff's Office

He reportedly pulled himself half-way into the car and grabbed Harrison. Investigators say that's when he tried stabbing her. Iglesias, who was in the passenger seat, eventually pushed Osburn back out of the sunroof. Harrison swerved forcing Osburn off the car at about 60 to 70 mph. 

Osburn died as a result of the fall and hitting the roadway. 

Osburn's wife cooperated with investigators and was released. The investigation is ongoing.