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Curfew FAQ: Answering your questions about Arizona's statewide curfew

Here's what you can and can't do between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. during the week-long curfew.

ARIZONA, USA — Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced Arizona's first-ever statewide curfew on Sunday in response to protests that happened in Phoenix and Scottsdale. 

The curfew goes into effect at 8 p.m. and lasts until 5 a.m. each day from Sunday, May 31 through Monday, June 8.

The protests held in the Valley have been focused on the issue of police brutality, the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, and the killing of Dion Johnson by a DPS trooper May 25. So far, over 326 people have been arrested by police in connection to the protests.

Wondering what you can and can't do when the curfew is active? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding it.

Can I go for a walk in my neighborhood after curfew?

The curfew prohibits all individuals, with some exemptions, from "using, standing, sitting, traveling, or being present on any public street or in any public place, including for the purpose of travel." 

So, according to the curfew, residents should not go out walking or driving unless it is an emergency.

Can I work during the curfew?

Individuals are free to travel to and from work during the curfew, according to the governor's order. Additionally, individuals may also be exempt if they are doing any of the following:

  • Attending religious services
  • Are working as a commercial trucker or delivery person
  • Obtaining food
  • Caring for a family member, friend, or animal
  • Patronizing or operating private business
  • Seeking medical care
  • Fleeing dangerous circumstances

Can I go to casinos or other entertainment businesses?

Traveling to casinos or any other businesses seems to be allowed by the curfew. The order says individuals who are patronizing or operating a private business are exempt from the curfew and should not result in arrest.

Will public transportation be available into/out of the city after curfew?

Public transport across the state is not a focus in the curfew order. 

But, bus and rail services in the Valley can be changed or canceled with no warning during the curfew, according to Valley Metro. The transit agency said that public transportation can be quickly adjusted if an area becomes "unsafe."

Will emergency services be available after the curfew goes into effect?

Ambulances, hospitals, and fire departments should all be running normally. Individuals who work as a member of emergency services, including law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, other medical personnel, the National Guard, and credentialed members of the media, are also exempt from the curfew.


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