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Creepy crawlers: Scorpions looking for cool places in and around homes during early heat wave

With the spike it temperatures in the Valley, scorpions are looking for cool places to camp out.

PHOENIX — Our early heat wave is waving in unwanted guests, as we try everything to stay safe at home. 

Critters are crawling in like crazy. 

However, as Austin Burns with Burns Pest Elimination tells 12 News, there are easy ways to watch out for Arizona's creepiest crawlers. 

The creepiest of them, scorpions, are easy to spot with a UV light and while you're not necessarily looking for them, they are looking for cool places to camp out.

"These insects are trying to make their way inside people's homes and area we enjoy frequently with our families," Burns said.

Burns says insects of all kinds are sneaking in every entry to find cooler conditions.

"There's ants in our kitchen, crickets making their way inside our garage, centipedes, millipedes coming in through door sweeps, window sills, even our foundation or the structure of houses," he added.

A big concern, though, is scorpions and we have more than 30 species in Arizona, alone. There are ways to avoid getting stung.

"Double-checking anything that's on the ground, shaking out your shoes, shaking out blankets, clothes, making sure that were just double checking and being observant of our surroundings before step in any dark spots," he said.

So what if you find one in the house, like many homeowners have here in the state?

"Stomping it. Making sure that you're protected whether it be shoes, boots, make sure you're taking care of it in a safe manner," he said.

Burns adds, while there are dozens of species, the Arizona Bark, a smaller yellow-ish scorpion, is the most dangerous. If you get stung, it's straight to the hospital.

"There is anti-venom available at certain hospitals, call ahead to make sure the hospital has anti-venom," Burns said. "That is the last place you want to be during these times so make sure you're doing everything you can to stay safe."

In an effort to discourage the critters from coming in, Burns says to keep areas in and around your home clean, remove any standing water and remove debris regularly.


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