PEORIA, Ariz. - It has been 11 years since a valley woman and her boyfriend went missing.

Stacy Aragon and her boyfriend, Steven Bishop, went missing July 20th, 2005. They were last seen leaving a family member's home near Lake Pleasant. The case has since gone cold.

"It's hard," said Nikki Askren, the sister-in-law to Aragon. "You want the closure. That's what you want."

Askren said someone out there knows what happened.

"Somebody might get a conscious and open their mouth and say something," she said. "You just never know and you can’t give up. If I don’t do it then nobody else is going to and people might forget and just go on about their lives and she’s still somebody’s mother and somebody’s daughter and somebody’s sister."

If you have any information on the case, call Silent Witness: (480) 948-6377.