PHOENIX - Even though the City of Phoenix Parks Board decided not to change the rules to allow a Christmas tree on top of Camelback Mountain, the tree has reappeared this year.

"It's my understanding that it's now a magical Christmas tree in a magical spot for Christmas trees," "Camelback Santa" aka John Cressey said.

Throughout 2016, the Parks Board was considering changing the park rules to allow the tree to stay.

Critics were concerned about placing glass and metal ornaments on along the trail as well as potential impact to the wildlife and the park.

But "Camelback Santa" said the new tree has "mysteriously" addressed that problem.

"The magical Christmas tree gods have only put birdseed ornaments on the tree this year," he said.

There are now signs on the tree asking people not to bring their own ornaments to decorate the tre unless they are made of birdseed.

A spokesman for the City of Phoenix would only reiterate that Parks Board's decision not to change the rules and say that the prohibition on littering along the trail was still in place.