COCONINO COUNTY, Ariz. — Police say the body of a missing New Mexico man, 44-year-old Craig Cavanaugh, was identified in Coconino County.

According to a Thursday press release, Farmington, New Mexico police have been working with Coconino and Navajo counties sheriff's offices since Cavanaugh went missing in early July. 

The death investigation has been turned over to the Coconino and Navajo counties sheriff's offices. 

Farmington police say there have been two suspects identified and the investigation is ongoing. 

In a Coconino County Sheriff's Office press release, officials said one of two possible suspects who were believed to be with Cavanaugh on July 4 was found and interviewed by detectives. 

The suspect provided some information that led both Coconino and Navajo counties sheriffs' detectives to a wooded area just off Highway 260 outside Heber, where a body that was later identified as Cavanaugh's was found on Aug. 5. The body was identified by fingerprints. 

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According to Farmington PD, Cavanaugh was headed to Peoria for a job but never arrived. His cell phone last pinged in Payson and a witness said they saw him in Payson, but no evidence supported that statement, according to investigators. 

Investigators said two men used his credit cards in Payson, Glendale and Peoria between July 5 and July 7. 

Cavanaugh's Toyota Tacoma was found a few days later on July 12. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Coconino County Sheriff's Office. They can be contacted at 928-774-4523.