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'Big kiss!': Tucson boy thankful for birthday wishes after party guests are no-shows

Teddy's friends weren't able to make it to his birthday, and the heartbreaking photo spread across the internet.

It's the heartbreaking picture seen all over the internet. A Tucson boy, looking to celebrate his birthday at Peter Piper Pizza with all his friends, sitting alone at an empty table.

Teddy's friends weren't able to make it to his birthday. His mom sent the photo to a reporter at 12 News sister station, KVOA, in Tucson who posted it to Facebook.

Birthday wish after birthday wish, spreading far and wide, poured in for Teddy.

One person wrote: "Happy birthday Teddy! I live near Tampa, Florida and heard about you via my local news. I hope you have a wonderful year and I'm sending you a big hug."

Others sent happy birthdays from Chicago and Hawaii while some even posted photos of their dogs saying they'd love to eat pizza with Teddy, "anytime."

The Phoenix Suns also jumped on board the birthday wishing train offering Teddy and his family tickets to Wednesday's game against the Los Angeles Lakers."

"How about we celebrate with thousands at our place!" the Suns tweeted.

The Phoenix Rising tweeted that Teddy could grab some pizza and come "join 7,000 of his closest friends" during Friday's match.

In a video posted Tuesday, it would appear Teddy's spirits have been lifted by the all of the birthday wishes.

"Thank you all for the birthday wishes...big kiss," he says with a smile. Although he was probably supposed to act out that last part.

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