Over the last week or so, Clinton's rival, Bernie Sanders, has made Arizona his home away from home.

Sanders kicked off his Arizona tour with a rally in Phoenix last week. Since then, he's had one in Flagstaff, another in the Valley, then Tucson and, on Monday night, he was back in the High Country.

Bernie Sanders is fighting to the end in Arizona.

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"If everyone comes out to vote, we're going to win here in Arizona," he told a crowd at a rally in Flagstaff on Monday.

A week ago, polls had Sanders far behind Hillary Clinton in Arizona's presidential preference primary. But after spending nearly a week here, Sanders may be closing the gap. And tonight he told a crowd of several hundred supporters he stands the best chance of winning in November.

"I believe, objectively speaking, you're looking at the strongest Democratic candidate to defeat the Republican party," he said.

Sanders emphasized the same themes he has campaigned on. He got the biggest reactions to his promise to fight what he calls "a rigged ecomomy."

"What a rigged economy is about is the top 20 wealthy people having more money than the bottom half of our population," he said.

And raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Sanders' message to his supporters was urgent: get out and vote and keep his campaign going toward the White House.