If the smell of rain, the flash of lightning show, or the sound of thunder in Arizona gets you excited then 12 News wants you on our team!

We invite you to become a 12 News Weather Watcher!

12 News Weather Watchers are Arizonans committed to sharing weather conditions, photos and videos with 12 News.

We ask that you only take photos and video when it's safe. We love and appreciate your content, but we love you more!

To become a 12 News Weather Watcher head to this Facebook page. Just request to join and a member of the 12 News team will approve your request.

Once you're in you can start posting! If you see rain, walls of dust, high wind, downed trees, pretty sunsets, flash flooding or anything else, take some video or snap a photo and send it to us.

Everyone is qualified for the role of 12 News Weather Watcher. We aren't just looking for professional quality pictures or information from trained weather spotters. We want photos and videos from everyday weather lovers whether you have a fancy camera or a cell phone camera!

Your content could be shared on 12 News digital and television platforms, so watch the forecast during every newscast.

As we gear up for monsoon storms, your pics, video and weather reports will help the 12 News team cover every corner of the state.

We are excited to have you on our team!

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