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Gov. Doug Ducey explains how federal funds will be allocated to support mental health programs and suicide prevention

The Governor's Office of Youth and Faith and Family was awarded nearly $1 million dollars in federal funds to expand mental health & support for suicide prevention.

PHOENIX — Gov. Doug Ducey was in the 12 News studio on Thursday to answer questions from us and from our viewers. 

How are recent federal funds being used to support mental health programs?

The Governor's Office of Youth and Faith and Family was awarded nearly $1 million dollars in federal funds to expand mental health and support for suicide prevention in Arizona schools.

Ducey explains how those funds will be allocated in the video above.

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Should Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen resign?

Ducey said Paul Petersen should resign amid the investigation into his allegedly fraudulent adoption business. Petersen is facing dozens of charges relating to the adoptions of babies born to women originally from the Marshall Islands.

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The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors will vote on Monday whether to suspend Petersen, who has been in law enforcement custody for more than two weeks.

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The Board and Ducey have previously called for his resignation.

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What do you think of the Trump impeachment inquiry?

He weighed in on the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, saying he was worried that it would further divide Americans ahead of the upcoming election.  

"But if folks in Congress want to exercise their rights, that's their prerogative to pursue some of these investigations. I do want to see it be a transparent and bipartisan process," Ducey said. 

When will you legalize recreational marijuana in Arizona?

Ducey continued to voice his opposition to legalizing recreational marijuana in Arizona, just like he did in 2016. 

"I want to see good, public policy going forward. I was against the initiative in 2016 at the time called Proposition 205," Ducey told 12 News.  

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"I don't want to see these products in minors' hands. I want to see anything that is moving forward what the language is and what the policy is but this is a bad idea for young people with developing brains and I want to do everything I can in policy and the law to protect them."

Ask the Governor

Ducey stops by once a month to answer your questions. 

If you want to ask the governor a question, send us a video to connect@12news.com, ask us on Facebook or Twitter or Text Team 12 at 602-444-1212. 

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