PHOENIX — When it comes to driving dangers, Arizona ranks at the top of a couple of lists according to a new nationwide study

The data from Your Mechanic, is based on several different stats including driver death rate, pedestrian and cyclist death rate, percentage of deaths that were because of speed, level of drunk driving and failing to follow driver laws.

The other part of the study where Arizona hit the top 10 list was for aggressive drivers. Arizona took the 10th spot.  

To help make Arizona roads safer, a number of state lawmakers and agencies are coming together. They're proposing tougher cell phone regulations behind the wheel.

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State Representative John Kavanagh introduced a bill Tuesday, which would ban texting while driving in Arizona.

Republican state Sen. Kate Brophy McGee says she's teaming with Democratic State Sen. Lisa Otondo to finally push forward a hands-free law. 

Sen. McGee says she hopes to have their hands-free bill launched by Jan. 23, 2019.

There will be a distracted driving summit at the Arizona state Capitol on Wednesday. The summit will bring together Arizonans, law enforcement, legislators and more to work on making Arizona roads safer.