PHOENIX - The Arizona Senate has approved a ban that would prohibit texting for teen drivers for the first six months they're on the road.

Arizona is one of four states without some form of a texting ban. This comes after a decade of thwarted attempts for a statewide ban.

Transportation Chairman Bob Worsley (R-Dist. 25) said a total ban would not pass the Senate because of philosophical objections.

He also said U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs (R- Ariz. 5th Dist.), a former state legislator and opponent of a texting ban, argued texting is covered under the state's distracted-driving laws.

Critics said the proposed ban is a step, but it is not the solution. They added it also may be sending the wrong message, because it limits the prohibition to teens even though it's dangerous for adults as well.

Under the ban, there would be a $75 fine and 30-day extension to the six-month prohibition for teens.

The proposal next goes to the House.

There is a distracted-driving summit Wednesday morning at Wesley Bowlin Plaza in downtown Phoenix. There will be discussions by family members who have lost someone to texting drivers, as well as a driving simulator.