PHOENIX - The Arizona Republic says it has received death threats and countless subscription cancellations over its endorsement of Hillary Clinton -- the first time in the paper's 126 year history it has ever supported a Democrat for president.

"Well it's been crazy around here," said Phil Boas, director of the Arizona Republic's editorial page. "We're getting a lot of reaction both locally and national. I don't believe true readers of the editorial page are surprised by this at all, because over the past year we have been writing scathing, scalding articles about Donald Trump."

"The things he has done," he said, "making fun of disabled people and rolling back press freedoms. You know a guy who would do that and crush our freedoms in one area will do it in others as well."

The article has sparked outrage among readers canceling subscriptions, but Boas said it has also drawn support.

He added that had there been a different Republican nominee, Wednesday morning's paper may have had a different headline.

"This might have been a different decision," he said, "if Republicans had elected Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush, responsible Republican men. You really only have two choices that are viable. The Republican and the Democrat and both of them have tremendous flaws. I mean we are very concerned about what Hillary Clinton did with her emails. That shows recklessness and that gives us concern, but it is nothing compared to the sins of Donald Trump."