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Arizona cyclist upended by deer darting across road

He flipped head over heels after colliding into the deer scrambling across the road at Mt. Lemmon.

MT LEMMON, Ariz. — Cyclist Reed Soehnel was out for a ride with Bryan Reid Sunday morning on Mt. Lemmon when they encountered something expected: A wild animal.

What they didn't expect was its location: Right between them while they were riding at high speed.

As Soehnel trailed Reid near milemarker 17 on Mt. Lemmon he checked behind him just before a deer ran across the road ahead of Soehnel, colliding with his bicycle and sending him head over heels.

Soehnel ended up with a broken foot, road rash and a shattered bicycle. We're not sure how injured the deer is, but Soehnel is fortunate to escape without more bodily harm.