The Addy Awards are being held Thursday night at the Phoenix Art Museum.

The awards recognize excellence and creativity in advertising in the market. Winners from Phoenix will move on to the district competition before having the chance to vie for a national award.

Across the country, the Addy's receive over 40,000 entries in local competitions. Judges evaluate each entry and decide the number of awards to give in each category based on the quality of the entries.

And the nominees and winners for 2018 in Phoenix are...

Creative Professional of the Year

Matt Fischer, Mose Inc

Benjamin Galloway, Off Madison Ave

Aaron Castiglione, Anderson Advertising

James Clark, Blind Society

Aaron Thomason, SRP

Matt Moore, OH Partners

Shane Tang, The James Agency

Daniel Goldberg, LAVIDGE

Young Person of the Year

WINNER: Kate Sitter, Anderson Advertising

Sam Lowy, OH Partners

Andrea Abbott, LAVIDGE

Phyllis Ehlinger Women of Excellence Award

Sara Fluery, Santy

Veronique James, The James Agency

Marianne Guenther, BIG YAM

Andrea Kretzmann, FingerPaint Marketing

Debbie Longley, OH Partners


J. Terry Groener Memorial Award- Ad Person of the Year

WINNER: Scott Harkey, OH Partners

Matt Mason, R&R Partners


Brian Fabiano, FabCom