CHANDLER, Ariz. - The 12 News I-team has learned about graphic details revealed during police interviews with Hamilton High School football players, other students and parents as part of the alleged sexual assaults committed during hazing initiations. The interviews detail claims of what some say they heard or witnessed happening inside the varsity locker room.

WARNING: This story contains details of alleged sexual assault. Reader discretion is advised.

One student claims he heard players would, "scream and fight to get away, but because there were so many people holding (the victim) down, they could not escape." The same student also told police the victims perceived the assaults as, "just part of the culture and what they had to go through to play varsity as freshman."

"Most of the freshman were laughing and not taking things too serious," said one student in a police interview.

Another student describing the "initiations" said they would include the boys being, "held on their backs on the ground and their legs pulled up towards their heads, pants pulled down and something inserted into their rectum."

These interviews also included parents, who shared their concerns about the allegations.

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One parent claims she heard certain players were targeted because they did not have older siblings to protect them.

The women also stated her son claims older players said, "We're gonna rape you," because the teen had not been "initiated" yet. She also told detectives her son begged her not to tell anyone because he was afraid of being labeled a "snitch" and the situation might "bring more problems upon him."

The 12 News I-Team is also learning how police were notified of the incidents

According to police - A freshman football player told his father about "initiations" he had heard were happening to freshman teammates who were promoted to the varsity team. He claims his friend, an alleged victim, told him what happened in a text message.

The parent relayed this information in an email to a school district employee and the campus resource officer on Feb. 10, according to documents.

Three days later, when the officer returned to work, the email was forwarded to the Chandler Police Department, which prompted an investigation.

So far, six victims have come forward and are working with police.

Three players have been charged in the case, and the Chandler Police Department has recommended charges for three school administrators, including the former head coach. The Maricopa County Attorney is reviewing the charges and has yet to decide whether any of those charges will be officially filed.

The Chandler Police Department believes there are more potential victims and urges anyone with information to contact their office.