An email to a Chandler Unified district resource officer in February 2017 details allegations of a sexual assault in the Hamilton High School football locker room as part of a hazing ritual. According to the person who wrote the email, it was a rite of passage for new members of the team and “occurs regularly.”

This is just one of several emails, handwritten notes and memos seized during the execution of a search warrant by Chandler police in June.

Warning: The description of this alleged assault is graphic.

“He was allegedly leaving the shower when other varsity players took his towel from him, bent him over a bench and ‘dry humped him’ ‘stuck their fingers in his Anus’ and ‘grabbed his balls,’” the email read.

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The sender of the email specified that he or she had heard the story multiple times from players who said the victim told them what happened.

The name of the person who sent the email is redacted in the documents released to 12 News. The email was sent to resource officer Kevin Quinn and copied CUSD Assistant Superintendent Craig Gilbert.

Based on Gilbert’s response, it was the first time he was made aware of the allegations.

“Have you already talked to Kevin about this? Had not seen this until now ..." he wrote to Principal Ken James.

Another piece of evidence obtained by the 12 News I-Team is an apology letter from one of the players. The name of the player is redacted.

“Dear Coaches, I just want to apologize for my actions this year in and out of the locker room. I apologize for playing around in the locker room and not paying any attention when I was told to. Now I know that all my bad decisions will lead me to being suspended or can put me in a worse situation."

Also released to 12 News was a memo describing a meeting with a player’s parents in February of 2017.

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It lists the mother’s concerns:

“1. Safety of her son in regards to what is being looked into at Hamilton.

2. Brought up an incident in Oct. that she had emailed the coach ... had a meeting but didn’t appear to change anything.”

The memo states that “mom mentioned multiple times that Hamilton was where they wanted their son but that is not the case anymore…”

Police also took several handwritten notes from school offices as part of the investigation. A yellow legal notepad seized contained notes about a possible video of an assault.

“Videos by kids. Is the victim in the video.”

It’s unclear who wrote the notes.

More notes read “Can I kick families out?” and “Coaches are not prepared for this kinda stuff.”

Chandler confirmed that a sixth victim has come forward alleging sexual assault at Hamilton High School.

In the wake of the scandal, James, former football head coach Steve Belles and athletic director Shawn Rustad all face charges.