Chandler police released nearly 700 pages of records in the Hamilton High School hazing case Thursday.

The documents show that in addition to the six victims who are cooperating with police, there are also five other potential victims who are not speaking with police.

The Chandler Police Department was flooded with calls from parents and a current teacher in the hours after several football players were arrested back in March.

One woman who requested to remain anonymous complained about football players receiving preferential treatment on campus. She also spoke specifically about Nathaniel Thomas -- the only suspect in the case charged as an adult -- and said he was always in trouble.

She claimed that Thomas got into a fight at school but avoided consequences with the help of an administrator.

The report also mentions cell phone videos including one in which a suspect and another student discuss a sex act performed on another person.

Another video showed Thomas and another student joking about sticking a pen or Sharpie inside each other's rectums.

Thomas' new attorney maintained her client's innocence when contacted by 12 News.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office has confirmed that one of the suspects charged as a juvenile has resolved his case.