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Jodi Arias's prison file sheds light on her life behind bars

Arias is still managing to communicate with her followers outside of prison.

More than 100 pages make up Jodi Arias's inmate file, documenting her life behind bars. The 38-year-old has been in custody since the start of her murder trial and was moved to the Perryville prison in Goodyear after she was found guilty of murdering Travis Alexander.

Arias spends her days and nights confined to an 86-square-foot cell at Perryville. Arias spent the first two years of her prison sentence in maximum custody, but she has since been moved to close custody. In close custody, Arias can have a cellmate and she can congregate with other inmates outside of her cell. 

Arias's inmate file was released to 12 News by the Arizona Department of Corrections. It sheds some light on her life in custody, documenting threats to her life, disciplinary issues and who is still communicating with the killer.

On May 13, 2015, while conducting a mail scan, a corrections official found a letter written to Arias that indicated potential trouble. It read, "No cause for alarm (as of yet) but you do need a heads up." 

The person goes onto write that someone, whose name has been redacted, "and a female accomplice have stated that they are going to put funds on the books of some inmate there so that the inmate can do harm to you."

A year later, there was another report. Arias told an officer during recreation time that an inmate began yelling at her saying, "I'm going to [expletive] kill you [expletive] the same way you killed [redacted name]."

The name was redacted, but the person who made the threat was likely referring to Travis Alexander.

Arias told a corrections official the harassment is getting worse by the day, and she asked for her recreation time to get moved to avoid it.

In her file, Arias has one disciplinary infraction for disrespecting staff. The report said in February of 2016, Arias was upset because she was denied a haircut by a particular barber she requested. She called the corrections official who had said "no" an offensive term.

The documents also shed light on the way Jodi Arias continues to communicate with the world outside of prison. According to one report, prison officials said during one of her allowed phone calls, Arias requested that a friend put out a tweet saying she had no hot water for several days at Perryville.

Arias's Twitter account is still active today, being run by someone outside of prison. Some of the latest updates include Arias getting a flu shot, a link to a GoFundMe page for legal bills, and a tweet featuring Arias's prison address.

12 News also obtained a copy of Arias's visitors list. Several family members are on it as well as Marc McGee, who was said to be a friend of Travis Alexander during the trial.

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