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Going back to school in 2020: Everything you need to know | S1, E5

From online to classroom learning, schools are navigating this new education landscape as they try to teach students while keeping them and staff safe from COVID-19.
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Modern contemporary classroom 3d render,The rooms have white walls and floors, wooden ceilings, decorated with wooden tables and chairs, large windows overlooking natural views.

PHOENIX — The 2020 school year is off to a start unlike any we’ve ever seen before.

As the state is divided by those who want students to return to class and those that fear the virus presents too great a risk, some families are stuck in the middle – without the equipment to make virtual learning work, and the tools to make their kids successful.

Team 12’s Trisha Hendricks and I-Team executive producer Katie Wilcox explore the costs to schools to prepare the classroom – with cleaning supplies, masks, gloves and gowns costing hundreds of thousands of dollars – and finding ways to get laptops and internet access to students in need.

This is Everything You Need to Know about going back to class in 2020. 

What is Everything You Need to Know?

As the 12 News I-Team investigates stories across the state of Arizona, the producers and journalists go through countless interviews, documents and evidence to uncover the whole story.

In some cases, the sheer amount of information in these stories can be hard to consume and comprehend. These last several months have been confusing – and the news is coming at us faster than ever.

That's where the 12 News "Everything You Need to Know About ____," podcast comes in.

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