PHOENIX - With temperatures easily topping 100 degrees, experts are warning playground equipment could heat up to scalding levels very quickly.

12 News tested playground equipment at noon on Tuesday. The temperature outside was only 92 degrees, but we found the playground equipment ranged from 120 degrees to 157 degrees on the plastic slide. The hottest part of the playground was the spongy ground cover. It measured 164 degrees.

"If a kid fell on this and they're sitting there with their hands on it for even 10 to 15 seconds, they could probably get a pretty good burn," Dr. James Price, MD with Maricopa Integrated Health Systems said.

The threshold for minor burns is 120 degrees, Price said.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends using a simple temperature test on the playground equipment before your child plays.

The commission recommends putting your own hand on the equipment and leaving it there for a minute. If you can comfortably leave your hand there for a full minute, the equipment is probably fine for your child. If not, it's most likely too hot.