If you had the chance to find out what your medical future holds with just a swab of your DNA, would you do it? Even if it could potentially show a serious disease or illness?

At-home DNA test kits can now tell you how likely you are to develop everything from heart disease to cancer. 23andMe allows you to learn about your health, with more than 90 reports, using just your saliva.

But taking a DNA health test can be frightening for some people. And despite our initial fears and concerns, we decided to take the test. We wanted to find out for ourselves what these tests would say about our health.

Mark Curtis, Caribe Devine, and Tram Mai ordered three kits and gave a sample of their DNA.

We didn't know what to expect and, to a certain degree, we were surprised at the findings.

Watch the video above to see the results of those tests and learn how you can find out your medical future.