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'Scorpion weed' is an Arizona superbloom danger. Here's why

The wildflower can cause a rash in humans similar to that of poison ivy or poison oak due to the oil from its seeds, experts said.

ARIZONA, USA — Arizona's "superbloom" is well underway as April arrives.

Mountains and trails throughout the Valley are dotted with yellow, orange and red wildflowers thanks to the abundant rain from the previous winter.

However, there is a purple flowering shrub that Arizonans should steer clear of on their adventures this spring, as it could cause some irritation to human skin.

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The shrub, known colloquially as "Scorpion Weed," is pretty on the outside, but has a hidden ingredient inside that can cause an ugly rash.

"As well as having tiny, razorblade-like leaves/spikes that will cut you, Scorpion Weed can cause allergic reactions in some people, from dermatitis (itchy rash) to as severe as anaphylactic shock," the City of Lake Havasu posted on its website.

The oil is reportedly caused by the oil from the shrub's stem and seed pods, which can cause a rash similar to poison oak or poison ivy.

Arizona dealt with the same problem back in 2019 after the state had another particularly wet winter.

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