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New U November: Secrets to living your best life

We’re inviting our viewers to “New U November” – secrets to living your best life that might just be found in your favorite social media feed.

PHOENIX — This November on Today in AZ, we’re inviting everyone to “New U November” – secrets to living your best life that might just be found in your favorite social media feed.

Throughout the month, we're going to highlight some popular trends and strategies people see online and talk with experts on how you can improve various aspects of your routine to become happier and healthier.

From the gym to the grocery store, these tips can help you live your best life. If you miss any of the segments on Today in AZ, you can always watch all the previous stories on the 12 News YouTube channel.

Here's a breakdown of the latest tips:

Could cucumbers be the secret to rejuvenated skin?

Tik Tok users are all about it: gliding frozen cucumbers all over your face to get the skin glowing.

Kimberly Baden, a clinical aesthetician with Rejuvena Health and Aesthetics says her own mother taught her cucumbers are more than just salad toppings. 

“They definitely work," she said. "They're anti-inflammatory. They're hydrating, they're soothing. Yep, that's what upset skin needs.”

But she warns against freezing them. 

“What I would recommend doing is shaving off a little bit of that refrigerating it and then using that. Then when you're done with that part, just cut that part off and then seal it back up for the next time. But I wouldn't recommend freezing it. I think freezing not only can shock your skin and you never really want to shock your skin. The soothing part of the cucumber is really what you want.”

If you’re struggling with red, irritated skin, Baden says fresh aloe can really help. But don’t just cut it straight from the plant. You need to prepare the aloe and drain it before using it on your face.

A new viral TikTok trend could be the key to youthful skin

A Chinese tradition is flooding Tik Tok. The gua sha facial uses a flat jade or rose quartz stone across the face to smooth wrinkles, reduce fine lines and dark circles, even lift and firm the face and neck.

“I actually used this for like a good solid month before I decided to give this away as Christmas presents to some of my friends this year,” said Rejuvena Clinical Aesthetician Kimberly Baden. “It basically breaks up like the connective tissue that surrounds our muscles and our face and it can actually soften things where it needs to be softened and firm things where it needs to be firm.”

But be careful not to push too hard which could actually scrape or bruise the skin. Apply a facial mask or facial oil beforehand to help glide the stone across the face to boost circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage.

Can you find the Fountain of Youth on TikTok?

Too much sun, smoking, frowning. Tik Tok users barely in their thirties are warning against the effects of aging. Clinical aesthetician Kimberly Baden with Rejuvena Health and Aesthetics says a common mistake she sees that ages us is over-processing.

She explained, “Especially living in Arizona, if you do too much exfoliation, you're opening your skin up to the environment. That's going to always be a bad thing. It's going to produce more inflammation. It's going to actually age your skin faster.”

Baden added, be aware. It’s not just the harsh Arizona sun outside, but the blue light inside. 

“I've had clients where their pigmentation has gotten worse, and they're like, ‘I don't understand. I've never even left my house.’ And I [say] I know, you're in front of your computer all day long or your phone… it's gonna get you," she said.

Baden recommends wearing sunscreen year-round and make sure the active ingredients only have zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide listed. She also encourages her clients to use serums containing vitamin C to defend against UV light damage.

Be sure to watch Today in AZ this month for more tips and secrets to living a happier, healthier life!

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