Now that flu season has arrived, so has stomach flu season, otherwise known as Roto or Norovirus.

It’s a rather unpleasant combination of diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps. However, a Facebook mom says she has a solution for easing symptoms, and her post has gone viral.

Now, there’s no shortage of viral videos on YouTube of people doing and posting really stupid things for no reason at all (Think the cinnamon or hot pepper challenge). There were people even eating Tide Pods.

But this latest viral craze, involving Del Monte peaches, is "supposed" to have purpose.

It was posted by Ronda Sommer—a stay at home mom—as a cure for vomiting, something that seems to be happening a lot these days with the stomach flu going around.

"Those tend to be more prevalent in the winter months," Kristin Horansky, a pediatrician with University Hospitals, told us. "We see a lot of kids who are in school, who are in daycare, who are coming in with what we call gastro intestinal viral illnesses or gastroenteritis."

And to beat the nausea that comes with it, Facebook mom suggests one tablespoon of syrup from canned fruit every fifteen minutes for an hour. She says it was recommend to her by a nurse when she was pregnant, and now the post's been shared more than 800,000 times.

But we wanted to know what Dr. Horansky thought.

"As far as any true scientific evidence, there's no medical reason why it should help with an upset stomach or the stomach flu," she explained

In fact, she says all of that sugar from the syrup could lead to diarrhea.

"If you do have the stomach flu or you have nausea, the main thing we worry about—especially in kids—is dehydration. And so, any kind of fluids you can get a kid to take are excellent."

Based on the popularity of mom's post, she created another page called "Home Tips and Tricks," which has more than 12,000 Likes. That's despite her remedy being debunked.

"Could it have a placebo effect? Sure," Dr. Horansky said. "Could it taste good and kids would want to take it? Probably."

And some parents will try a spoonful of almost any medicine to avoid a cleanup in aisle three.