4 Ways To Eat Your Way to GLOWING Skin

The way you eat does not only influence the amount of fat on your belly – what you put into your body affects every organ in your body, including your skin! Foods high in saturated fats and sugars can affect your complexion on every level. In fact, research shows that the food you eat can have just as great an effect on your skin as the face wash, lotions and serums you apply every day.

You see, what you eat affects the levels of hormones in your body, which in turn affect the way your skin looks, feels and functions. Women especially know how it is to endure hormone imbalance. A telltale sign of that one special week per month is usually a trademark zit that turns up in the same place every time! Choosing to eat foods that balance your body, reduce inflammation and make you feel good can affect everything from acne to aging. Here are our top tips for keeping your skin looking its best all year round:

Go GREEN With Your Diet

If you eat a diet high in red meat or protein, you may want to consider increasing your greens intake. Dark, leafy greens are known to be sources of beta carotene, which is your skin’s favorite antioxidant. This powerful pigment is helpful in repairing your skin from blemishes and scars and giving you a healthy, youthful glow. It is the same supplement many people use for hair and nail growth, but when ingested as a nice kale or spinach salad, you are also gaining the benefits of other elements like fiber and potassium which reduce your risk of heart disease and improve your overall health, too!

Shop Locally

Though food documentaries may be extreme at times, they do not completely lie. It is difficult for large food corporations to make enough food to feed our growing population without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides and genetically modified organisms. These harmful elements can have damaging effects on your skin, causing potential allergic reactions, acne and even speeding up aging.

Choosing to shop at your local farmer’s market instead of a large grocery store can not only put money in the pockets of your neighbors and local farmers, but it helps you provide healthier options for you and your family. Small farms tend to use safer methods of growing their food, as they do not have to provide for millions with their crops.

Juice Cleanse ­– On Trend

Don’t know where to start with this clean eating business? We recommend putting your body through a complete detox to begin. Release all of the toxins that have been stored over time by opting for a juice cleanse at your favorite juice spot. Keep it under control – we do not recommend going more than 3 days without solid food – but a juice cleanse can do more for you than just keep you trendy. These detoxes help to flush your entire system, rid you of any fast food cravings and prepare your body for your new healthy eating lifestyle. Plus, getting rid of harmful chemicals helps to illuminate your skin.

Don’t Ditch the Vitamin C

Vitamin C is great for boosting your immune system, and part of that means healing your skin! You know the beautiful protein we call collagen, the same one that keeps our cheeks supple and our skin tight? Vitamin C helps to promote the production of collagen in your skin naturally, working as an effective anti-aging product. Vitamin C also protects skin from free radicals that contribute to the effects of aging. Foods high in Vitamin C include – you guessed it – dark leafy greens! You can also include bell peppers, broccoli, berries, tomatoes and citrus fruits to your diet for increased Vitamin C.

How you eat greatly affects how your skin looks, feels and ages. If you are looking for help with your clean eating goals, we are here for you! At the Derma Health Institute, we offer consultations with our staff nutritionist to help you choose foods best for your body, skin and health goals. Schedule your Derma Health appointment today at (602) 910-6535.