We all want hair like the rich and famous -- luscious locks that look red carpet ready. But what do you do when you're hair is less than Hollywood hip?

You go see the hair doc, better known as the trichologist.

"If you want to have healthy hair, you have to have a healthy scalp. That's what trichology is," said Emmanuel Paul, a trichologist.

If you have an oily, dry or irritated scalp and your hair is suffering, there's a good chance Paul can pamper your hair and heal it.

It all begins with the oil, or lack there of, on your scalp.

"It fights bacteria and infection on the scalp," Paul said. "When we see too much oil, that's where we see people experiencing hair thinning and hair loss."

"A lot of times people associate if my hair or scalp is dry that's why I'm itching. But the opposite is more the case. Usually when they have a high level of oil, that's what's actually causing the itch."

To stop that itch and control that excess oil, Paul has a recipe for success. He soothes the scalp with what is like a facial.

First an exfoliator, then a good cleanse, a vapor mist to open the pours, a massage and finally a helmet full of light therapy.

Just 90 minutes and a few hundred dollars later, the scalp should feel better and your hair will be happier and healthier. And you'll be on your way to the glitzy, glamorous look you always wanted.

That's not all. A trichologist will probably recommend special products to use at home including very gentle shampoos and conditioners that will help control the oil.