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Why Arizona's 2nd coronavirus wave over holidays could hit harder than 1st wave during summer

Former state health director Will Humble says steps that might have slowed the surge weren't taken.

Coronavirus cases in Arizona are projected to surpass the summertime peak by the middle of December, with hospitals hitting their capacity during the holiday season. 

On this weekend's "Sunday Square Off," former Arizona public health director Will Humble explains the differences between the first and second waves.

Humble also warns that measures that should have been taken months ago to stem the coronavirus weren't taken. 

Humble also shares the lesson he relearned about dealing with a pandemic.

According to projections released Friday by the Arizona State University COVID-19 modeling team, if no new public health measures are put in place, "holiday gatherings are likely to cause 600 to 1,200 additional deaths from COVID-19 in Arizona by Feb. 1 beyond current scenario death projections." 

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