PHOENIX — Social distancing and self-quarantine are becoming the new normal for many. While it's necessary to stop the spread of coronavirus, it can be pretty isolating.

So, here are some videos to watch to help make the time away from others a little more bearable and go as quickly as possible.

Make sure you stretch

If you're working from home or have recently been sick it's a good idea to stretch your muscles. Being idle for long periods of time is bad for our muscles and stretching is a good way to keep your muscles flexible, strong and healthy to maintain motion in your joints.

StretchLab in Arcadia helped create a tutorial you can follow along to that is low impact and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Find zen, do some yoga

These are, without a doubt, stressful times. To combat that stress doing something peaceful, like yoga, can really help with your mental and physical fitness.

Follow along to a flow routine put together by Natalie at YogaSix in Scottsdale.

Enjoy Arizona's wildflowers from your living room

Social distancing means you're probably staying inside. To get a little virtual fresh air check out the wildflowers at Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction. It's what makes March in Arizona better than almost anywhere else in the country!

Do an Irish jig

St. Patrick's day only happens once a year but since that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a few jigs from the ladies at the Bracken School of Irish Dance to help you get through your day.

Arizona weather makes everything better

The rainy weather from last week brought storms, but it also brought a waterfall on Camelback Mountain and a rainbow for the Valley. Arizona weather serves as a great reminder that there is beauty after every storm.

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This article will be updated as we get more things to help you through this time of social distancing.

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