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Valley mom struggles over loss of son who became very sick with COVID-19

“If I could see him one more time, I told him before they took him to the hospital, I love him, I love him so much I miss him," mom Alexis Young said.

PHOENIX — A Valley family is dealing with the loss of their 28-year-old son after they say he got very sick from COVID-19. 

While Johns Hopkins says most COVID-19 deaths are in people older than 65, CDC experts also say no one is immune from becoming very ill.

Now remembering better days, the Young family shares memories of Robert Anthony Young, who was big into cosplay.

“He was my oldest, great soul, he would give you the shirt off of his back,” said his mom, Alexis Young.

“I just miss him, I just want him to come back," said his brother, Sean Young Jr.

In between the good memories, Alexis also talks about the moments before he would leave home for the last time.

“He was breathing really hard," she said. "I went to check on him. His face was turning purple his lips were turning blue.”

Alexis says Robert was diagnosed with COVID-19 on June 23. In the days that followed, she says he would get very sick, was hospitalized, then sent home, only to return to the hospital for a second and final stay. 

"He passed away," Alexis said. 

“If I could see him one more time, I told him before they took him to the hospital, I love him, I love him so much I miss him," she said.

Alexis says even though her son was only 28-years-old, he was overweight and in the high-risk category.

“That’s why we were trying so hard to get him to do something about his health," she said. "Unfortunately, it was too little too late when he finally realized it and the week before he passed, he was trying to work on that.”

The CDC says COVID-19 can result in severe disease among people of all ages. It's a message this family wants everyone to hear.

“People who have gotten it and just have mild symptoms and recover fine, but don’t assume that you will," she said. "I know everyone is fighting over this mask thing. Please just wear your mask when you’re outside.”

Now, while the Young family figures out how to say goodbye, Robert’s friends in the cosplay community are planning a drive by in his memory.

“Nice to see some of these people," she said. "Meet some of the newer ones. A lot of people reaching out telling me how wonderful he was.”

They say costumes are encouraged like Robert would’ve wanted and of course masks too.

The memorial drive for Robert will be on Friday night near Sunnyslope Dog Park in Peoria. For details, click here

We also want to thank Christina on Nextdoor for telling us about the memorial drive for Robert. 

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