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Some Arizonans may be unable to receive second vaccination on time

Many Arizonans will soon be due for their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. But it might not be possible to have receive it within the recommended time frame.

PHOENIX — Many Arizonans getting vaccinated will soon be due for their second dose. 

However, it might not be possible to have receive it within the recommended time frame.

Maricopa County tweeted, "It is recommended to get the 2nd dose of vaccine 21-28 days after your first dose, but due to vaccine supply, this might not always be possible," the tweet read. 

"Please note: 2nd dose appt may be later than the recommended time frame with no impact on the protective benefit you’ll receive."

“All the recommendations are to get two shots right now," Dr. Frank LoVecchio said on Today in AZ Wednesday. 

He said the first shot gives you 50% protection. But it is only after the second booster shot that 95% efficacy is achieved.

“There is some protection after the first shot. How long does it last? We think that will last at least three months," LoVecchio said. 

The second dose is recommended within three or four weeks of the first. 

As of now, all appointments at State Farm Stadium and Phoenix Municipal Stadium are booked through February. 

The Arizona Department of Health Services says some of those appointments are reserved for those waiting on their second dose. 

For those who aren't administered the booster shot within the recommended three to four weeks, LoVecchio says not to worry just yet.

“You can still get the second shot," LoVecchio said. "You don’t have to start all over. ...If it goes out six, eight months that might be a different story. You might have to do both shots again."

The department said Wednesday that almost 320,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Arizona.