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Tips to know if you're traveling again during COVID-19 pandemic

Local and federal efforts are underway to ensure safe and smart ways to get travel plans back on the books.

PHOENIX — As more Americans "prepare for takeoff" as the country works to build herd immunity, local and federal efforts are underway to ensure safe and smart ways to get travel plans back on the books.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport officials are hosting a new assessment of the industry’s rebound as more vaccines are administered.

Here are some dos and don'ts to know if you're traveling again during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Read the fine print
  • Check for correct documentation
  • Consider travel insurance
  • Observe other countries' requirements


  • Overlook specifics
  • Forget travel docs
  • Skip potential waivers

Data shows most flights at roughly 75% capacity on average. 

And that's prompting more people to pack their bags and head to their desired destinations.

Arizona local Zach Zaborny is back to fulfilling an epic bucket list after receiving his second vaccine dose.

"Before this call, I booked a trip from Phoenix to Paris on Delta for $135," he said.

As an avid traveler, Zaborny had big plans to not only visit every state in America but to make sure he visited unique destinations special to him.

"I had plans to slowly start knocking off other countries, my plan was to do all six inhabited continents by the end of 2020, India, Russia, Machu Picchu," he added.

As we know, travel bans, restrictions and the pandemic itself pulled the plug on travel plans for everyone, now new rules are along for the ride.

Dr. Jesse Greer with Saguaro Bloom, an Arizona-based COVID lab, launched its travel adviser to help passengers navigate new guidelines.

"It's super tricky because every country has its own requirements. You need a COVID test and you need it performed in two or three days prior to arrival, so is that two to three days from when you get the result, or when you perform the test, do you use the time conversion in there, there's so much tricky stuff to add on," Greer explained.

The modern-day travel agents equip patients with a fit to fly document, which includes your quick turnaround test results.

"Every country has its own requirements for what's needed on that document and a lot of times if you just go to a standard lab, they don't have those things on there," Greer said.

With pent-up demand by consumers, clarification prior to travel will help avoid hiccups.

"Please whatever country you're going to, to read the fine print," he hinted.

While the CDC is still cautioning travel and reminding everyone of best practices, like wearing a mask and social distancing, planes are still filling up.

"I'm anxious for friends to begin to travel with me too, I've called friends and family who've gotten their vaccine and said, we're long overdue for this trip or that trip, let's go," Zaborny said.

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