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Tempe business owner gives out hand sanitizer amid coronavirus panic

A Tempe business owner helped spread the love after one of his reps stopped a shipment going to someone caught price gouging.

PHOENIX — During the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen countless people reaching out and helping others in this time of hopelessness and confusion for many. 

We're continuing our ‘Sharing the Love’ series with a Tempe business owner who’s giving out hand sanitizers to people who have compromised immune systems.

A couple years ago, Brad Williams lost his dad Scott to colon cancer.

“He went through about three different surgeries and then many rounds of chemo,” he said.

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Leading up to his passing, his immune system was compromised.

“He was worried about contracting the common cold, the flu, anything that could ultimately lead to pneumonia,” said Williams.

Antibacterial hand sanitizer was key.

“If he was alive today, going through this chemo thing, I would’ve been doing everything I could to find him hand sanitizer,” he said” “Even if some people say it isn’t the best measure, it’s the peace of mind  that helps.”

It’s something we’re seeing a shortage of amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“The availability of hand sanitizer was a lot easier than now, and he had it with him all the time,” said Williams.

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During a time when the CDC and state health officials are asking us to wash our hands thoroughly, as often as possible, that’s simply not enough for some people.

“It’s sold to the people that are thinking their kids need it when their kids just need to wash their hands for 45 seconds,” he said.

Recently, Brad ended up with a few boxes of hand sanitizer.

“One, of our paper reps called us and told us that he stopped a shipment going to someone that was caught gouging. He offered us the opportunity to buy it at normal pricing,” said Williams. “I guess it’s a pretty good time to get that call.”

He posted about it on social media about what he wanted to do.

“Just give it out to everyone else, because I started thinking about my dad,” he said. “The next morning we took delivery of about five to six cases.”

Most of the bottles were picked up quickly.

“There was a lot of diabetes,” said Williams. “People going through chemo, which obviously hit home for me.”

Brad is grateful he’s able to spread the love in memory of his father.

“I’m a person that likes to buy and flip things at heart,” he said. “There’s an opportunity value here, but not when you can do good for the community.

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