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Study shows 11% of people in Maricopa County have been exposed to COVID-19

The study reveals there is still a significant amount of the population that is vulnerable to the virus and herd immunity is not close to being achieved.

PHOENIX — Editor's Note: The above video features previous coverage of ASU research on the spread of coronavirus. 

A new study shows about 11 percent of people in Maricopa County have been exposed to COVID-19. 

Arizona State University, Maricopa County Public Health and Mayor Clinic Arizona partnered to find out how many people in the county have been exposed to COVID-19. 

Researchers collected antibody data from residents going door-to-door. There were 260 participants from 169 households. 

The study found 10.7% of Maricopa County residents were infected with COVID. That is 470,000 people. 

Researchers also found 25% of residents sought medical care. 

Director of Infectious Disease and Serology Lab for Mayo Clinic Arizona Erin Kaleta said these numbers show that a majority of residents are still vulnerable to the virus and a vaccine would help those people gain immunity against the virus. 

"That still leaves a very substantial number of people of interest for the vaccine. People that haven't been sick yet that would greatly benefit from having that vaccine," Kaleta said. 

Kaleta said an estimated 60-80 percent of people need to be immune to the virus to get herd immunity. 

Learn about the study here.