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Single mom dies from COVID-19

Family describes Bricia Gallegos as a loving person who helps anyone in need.

PHOENIX — “She was so young, full of life. Now we’re not going to hug her anymore. You know people need to take this seriously,” said Ana Gallegos.

She lost her cousin Bricia Gallegos to COVID-19. Her cousin had a bright personality and always bringing joy to everyone she met.

“She was a loving caring person and always willing to help anybody that needed help,” said Ana Gallegos.

Even caring for a relative who was battling the virus – that relative recovered but passed it on to the 39-year-old nurse and single mom.

Bricia developed pneumonia and ended up in the hospital for seven days.

“She told one of my other cousins that they were going to connect her to the ventilator. All she said for her to take care of her girls. That was the last we heard of her,” said Gallegos.

She was laid to rest on Thursday.

Bricia Gallegos, a woman with such a big heart, leaves behind three daughters to navigate the world without her.

“Her girls are staying strong. Now they’re left with the pain of losing their mom and now with the financial needs. So, we’re asking people to take this seriously. COVID is real and a lot of people are losing their loved one like us,” said Ana Gallegos.

Gallegos says we all have a part to keep each other safe.

“There are so many people we can’t hug. We can’t spend time with because nobody is keeping their distance. Nobody’s playing it safe. We want everyone to take it seriously,” said Gallegos.

A fund has been set up to raise money for the family – Zelle donations can be made to Adriana Gallegos at 602-330-8590.

Credit: Gallegos Family

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