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Scottsdale-based biotech company announces rapid COVID-19 test kits

The tests can allegedly detect antibodies specific to the coronavirus in just 10 minutes.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — We’ve heard about the significant delays and roadblocks across the nation when it comes to testing people with suspected coronavirus infections.

But now a Valley-based biotech company is distributing blood test devices that can detect antibodies specific to the coronavirus in just 10 minutes.

“This is a tool that we utilize to fight off this crisis,” said Carlos Encinas, chief science officer at BioLab Sciences in Scottsdale.

The regenerative biotech company just announced a new test available.

“The rapid serological test for COVID-19,” he said. “You prick your finger and you put a drop of blood in the cassette and it tells you if your body has shown antibodies against the COVID-19.”

The test produces rapid results.

“This test is going to measure if the patient has been exposed or has been infected with the virus,” said Encinas.

It differentiates those who are sick and those who are not.

“It’s going to help unclog the system,” he said. “So not everyone is going to have to go to the molecular more expensive test.”

Encinas says the new test is in high demand.

“We’re forecast for, in the next months… in the millions,” he said.

The new blood test devices will work to help healthcare providers combat the highly contagious virus.

“My wife is a physician and every day that she goes out to the clinic… our hearts go out to her,” said Encinas. “She is under tremendous stress because she fears that at any point, she’s going to come home and bring it to us.”

This test may be a solution.

“To help not only her, but other of her coworkers to do the same,” he said.

BioLab Sciences has already started distributing the test devices to healthcare agencies, hospitals, and outpatient facilities across the U.S. The test is already being used throughout Europe and Asia. It’s still pending review by the FDA here in the U.S, but the agency did issue guidance to allow the rapid antibody tests under emergency-use authorization.


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